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Portal Delegated Administration

Selection Navigator UPG Distributor Delegated Administrator Guide Step by Step guide for Admin Resposibilities White Paper
Navigator Permission Guide (distributors) 03.08.19 Document listing out permission groups and definitions of what applications those permissions give access to and where they are located. White Paper
Selection Navigator Delegated Admin Guide
Delegated Admin Groups Cross Reference Applications Document that cross references the UPGNet Security Group to the equivalent Navigator Permission Groups.
Navigator Delegated Administrator _ BSNA Branches & Branch Agents_04.01.19 Admin Training Webinar (60 Min) Videos

Order Navigator

Order - Uploading from Excel Learn to upload orders via an excel spreadsheet (2 min) Videos
Navigator Portal-Offerings for RTUs _ BSNA Branches & Branch Agents_04.02.19 Portal and Offerings General Training (31 min) Videos
Order - Sign In and Landing Page Introduction to primary Order Navigator pages (3 Min) Videos
Order Navigator for RTUs _ BSNA Branches & Branch Agents_04.04.19 (25 Min)
Mass Upload Template Instructions Document White Paper
Order - Quick Order (1 Min) Videos
Order - Category and Product List (2 Min) Videos
Order - Product Details Page How to use the Product Details Page in Order Navigator(3 Min) Videos
Order - Preferences (1 Min) Videos
Order - View/Modify Order Videos
Order - My Cart (7 Min) Videos

Parts Navigator

Using the Illustrated Parts List (4 Min) Videos
Parts Navigator for RTUs _ BSNA Branches & Branch Agents_04.05.19 (38 Min) Videos

Selection Navigator

SelNavWebinarG3.4.5.6.UST Selection Navigator Webinar (48 Min) Videos
SelNavWebinar G3.4.5.6.YW
Selection Navigator for RTUs _ BSNA Branches & Branch Agents_04.03.19

Tier 2 Collateral

Tier 2 Selection Navigator Customer Types 04.11.19 White Paper
Tier 2 Navigator Training Basic training for the tools on Navigator (22 Min) Videos